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Entry #2

What should I submit ?

2010-02-26 16:25:23 by Nightprophet


If somebody is actually reading that, what do you think I should submit ? Music, Art, or both ? I can't make great flash stuff.


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2010-02-26 17:03:17

If you are good at both then submit both. If you are decent then it´s still good to upload, you may get a tip from someone who is more skilled if you´re lucky.
There´s no downside in uploading (except for the occasional assmunch who 0s everything you make and reviews with a copy-pasted can-of-spam) unless you break the rules (Audio rules here: 56515 - Art rules here: _art_submissions), in which case I think you only get banned from that section anyway.

Nightprophet responds:

Ok thx for your help :)