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Entry #1

Do you like pancakes ? I love pancakes.

2009-12-24 13:12:08 by Nightprophet

My name is Alexander Jaw, I don't have anything to say and there are no news. Why should I write a new post if there are no news ? I'm writing one just because I love to waste my time, and I have a lot of time to waste.
No. I don't really have a lot of time to waste.

I'm eating pancakes. Did you know that pancakes rhymed with cornflakes and snakes ? I like cornflakes, but I hate snakes. They got the same taste as cornflakes. Annoying.

I'm not mad or whatever! I'M JUST DIFFERENT!

BTW, swine flu is just a joke, but you know it.


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2009-12-24 13:13:44

"Did you just tell me what I love? I LOVE PANCAKES!"
- Stewie Griffion.